About Me!

Hello! I'm Scott!

My name is Scott, but I'm mostly known online as Scotteh or ScottehBoeh. I'm a 20 year old YouTube content creator, graphics designer, director, editor and software developer! I have a passion for creating things, which you can view on my YouTube channel and Curseforge pages.

I launched my YouTube channel early 2012 and I was very much inspired by several other YouTubers including the Yogscast. Up until 2015, I mainly uploaded Server Trailer or Map Cinematics but since I've begun several large modded Minecraft series' including "Minecraft - Heroes and Generals", "Minecraft - Namcraft", and "Minecraft - Decimation (Zombie Apocalypse)". The channel sparked its first huge audience when I began to upload weekly episodes of each series to my channel.

Friends and Helpers

I am accompanied by my great friends who help me with body-acting and voice-acting in my YouTube series'. There are no set characters to people, but instead, those who are available play the required characters for the specific episode.

Working with the Yogscast

I first started working for the Yogscast in January of 2016, after sending a fan-made logo to Turps based on his YogTours series. After a few days, I then worked part-time with Harry (Yogscasts Graphics Designer) to create various graphics for Sjin and Duncan, including some of their most popular Minecraft series' such as To The Core, Project Ozone, Farming Valley, and Druidz Downtown.